fredag 26. februar 2016

Boktips !

Tessa Kiros 

Tessa was born in London. Her mother is from Finland & her father is Greek-Cypriot. When she was 4 they moved to South Africa. At 18 she left to travel & learn more about the world’s culturesShe spent her time working in different restaurants & with families in London, Sydney, Mexico & Athens.
She says: "I love travelling. Collecting things I love. Food. People. Colour. Smells. Details. Different cultures & traditions. Why they do what they do & how they put their dishes together. How people, families & nations connect «
On a trip to Italy to study the language & food, she met Giovanni. They live in Tuscany with their 2 daughters. Her first book ‘Twelve’, is about Tuscany, the way they eat so seasonally, so monthly, so well. Such beautiful ingredients & simple presentation.

This book Limoncello, A Trousseau Of Italian Recipies, inspired by her mother-in-law, is my favorite book of her. Plenty of delicious old Italian stuff and of cause like all her books, full of beautiful pictures.

For more information and where to buy her books !

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