tirsdag 1. mars 2016

Easy Sunday

It's been a pretty busy weekend but it ended happily with a quiet Sunday with my biggest favorite tool in hand. My beloved Nikon D5200. I just bought myself a new lens, Nikon 50mm 1.4, so this is the first test shots with it!
It requires that you use a tripod for the images to be optimal.

We are in full activity with B & B here on the farm and in addition to the horses, it is not much time left for photography and exploration. But I "steal" as much time as possible to learn how to take better pictures.

If you are like me and are willing to learn online, then www.skillshare.com  is a fantastic website where you can learn almost anything. Check it out!

But spring is just in it´s beginning, and the days are getting longer and longer, and then it becomes also more time for lifestyle photography 

And the sun shines in Starby today!

Have a great week guys !


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