lørdag 30. april 2016

Set the table

One of my passions is to decorate the dinner table for my guests. I think it is well inherited from my mother who loved to decorate her home when she was expecting guests. She began many days in advance and bought the flowers and tried with different types of glasses, cutlery and porcelain solutions before she reached the final result. And she kept on until late at night every time. And the result was always beautiful.

It was always very exciting to stand on the sidelines and watch guests step into our house and showered Mom with compliments for her creative works. I think I was bitten by creating bug already at that time! Many times I think that it's a pity I have not taken pictures of all my different creations over the years. You can imagine the pompous 80s with so many bells and whistles on the table that there was scarcely room for guests there :) 90s were not much better, but there are good memories from parties where we cleared everything away from the table to get room to dance there instead. It was good times with little or no concern at all :)

But now we live in a more enlightened and open world for better or worse. One could of course wish that everyone could get to the covered table with food and drink, but this is unfortunately not the world today. With a wish that more people could experience to sit around a table with family and friends, I continue my passion for gathering friends around my table. Wish you all a good weekend and take care of each other <3

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