mandag 2. mai 2016

Dreams Are For Real !


Whitney e.Weltmeyer/Cromatic xx

I consider myself very privileged to have my own horses. I dreamed about having my own horse when I was a little girl like so many other young girls do. But since our family situation did not allow me to get a horse, the interest in equestrian sport and horses eventually died and I started as a handball player instead….

I guess it´s around 1981-82

But then many years later, because of various coincidences, I fell in love with horses again at the age of 39 years. And at that time I fortunately had the opportunity to acquire myself a horse, and bought my very first riding horse in 2005. 

An old dream came true
Violino, my sweet Lusitano that I sold a few years ago

I had my own horse and I was in heaven. I could not think of anything else but my horse. The big black horse from Denmark called Chablis, had stolen my heart! From that day on I was sold to this magnificent animals! I actually quit my job as an artist in showbiz and bought a couple of moore horses. I decided to go with my passion and moved to Sweden to learn as much about horses and riding as possible. 

Discovery and her newborn Dioro in 2015

Discréte & Whitney - Best Friends

« All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them « 

Walt Disney

Skåne in the south part of Sweden is known for the best expertise in all equestrian disciplines. So it was a natural choice for me cause I wanted to have access to good coaches and competitions. Today we live in our own horse farm in Skåne since 2008 and have 8 horses, of which 3 are my own breed.

So if you have a dream, I highly recommend you to take a chance. I have not regretted a day of my dream !!

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