mandag 16. mai 2016

The beauty of Artichoke

Artichoke is a vegetable I don´t know a lot about, but I love having them placed at the kitchen countertop because of its beautiful appearance. Don´t you agree? 

The big grocery have a lots of exsotic vegetables to check out, or what ??

So the time has come for me to start explore all this beauties ..  So I began with the Artichoke!
I tried my best to prepare these beauties, from a recipe at youtube, and to be honest, the taste was not what I was expected.. or let me put it this way, They look better than they taste! 

But I guess it is like so many other things in life: you must get used to it, and then you are addicted... 

Conclusion at this moment: 
It was not worth the bother. So much fuss for so little food that did not even taste so well actually.  No, for my part, until I have learned a better way to serve them, they are given lie on my kitchen counter to beam with its perfect looks. And I am happy anyway :)

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