torsdag 18. august 2016

Ängelholm City

City VS Still Life 

This was one of the challenge in the online lifestyle photography workshop I was part of in the spring
this year with Christina Greve. I really learned a lot, and it was so much fun.

I set the table home in my kitchen, and used just vintage treasure to make it look authentic and warm. 
I have the pleasure to go in to my own vintageshop and find stuff that I want to use in my styling. 
I have collected old and beautiful treasure as long as I can remember, and last year I organized it in the old pig stable at our farm. It suppose to be my farmshop but still it is just my own treasure chest that I pic from whenever I need something new (I mean old …) and beautiful for my photo styling ..

So I drove into the nearest city ( about 10 km from the farm) and took some picture of this beautiful city houses. Ängelholm is a nice 500 years old city ( this year) with lot of good location for photographing. It´s close to the sea so you can find beautiful places for picnic for example. And the people are nice and relaxed. It´s perfect to take the car and drive for just 10 min out of the countryside to have lunch at my favorite place called 

So this is from Ângelholm city where I have lived for the past 8 years

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